Intel Core I7 9700k 8×4,6ghz Turbo Delided, Socket 1151 Chipset Z390

What is a Core i3 Core i5 or Core i7 as Fast As Possible

Type de socket Socket 7. Modèle de processeur Intel Core i7-9700K. Intel core i7 9700k 8×4,6ghz turbo delided, socket 1151 chipset z390 photo non contractuelle (numéro de lot). Il est dans la catégorie Informatique, réseaux\Ordinateur\ composants, pièces\CPU, processeurs.

T04e/t04 T3/t4 Ar. 63 Anti-surge 300+hp Polished Turbo Charger+wastegate V-band

Compressor Surge Pt 1

T04e/t04 t3/t4 ar. 63 anti-surge 300+hp polished turbo charger+wastegate v-band the item t04e/t04 t3/t4 ar. Horsepower ratings are generally meant to express the turbochargers maximum airflow capability. They are also commonly used in twin turbo applications. Cast Iron/Steel Turbo Housing/ Aluminum Controller.